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OneBoard does not support annexation to cure our areas problems. Annexation means those annexed take on existing and new City of Natchez debt.

OneBoard’s Dissolution Plan means those within City of Natchez boundaries when city dissolved continue to be responsible for paying off City debt that exists at time city dissolved. County folks are not responsible for that debt.

For context, it is recommended that readers consider population numbers for the various decades compared to the 2017 estimated (and declining) populations for Natchez and Adams County:
Population (1950): Natchez 22,740; Adams County 32,256
Population (1960): Natchez 23,791; Adams County 37,730
Population (1970): Natchez 19,704; Adams County 37,293
Population (1970): Natchez 19,704; Adams County 37,293
Population (2000): Natchez 18,459; Adams County 34,339
Population (2017): Natchez 14,866; Adams County 31,003

Repository of 1959 newspaper articles, litigation, agendas, and criteria considered for annexation.


Contact OneBoard at if you have information of community interest about City of Natchez annexation and any other annexation activities in Adams County, MS.