City of Natchez (CON) Public Properties

CITY PUBLIC PROPERTIES (Link) Based on Adams County Tax Assessor records (2019), CON owns 194 properties in Adams County. This number contrasts with the 2016 and 2017 CON property lists of 35-40 properties the CON produced in response to public records requests (PRRs). Our research shows that the CON owns almost 5 times more public properties than the CON disclosed or of which it has knowledge. Generally, CON public properties are in disrepair and there are insufficient funds to repair them. Further, public properties which are not essential to basic government functions should be disposed of and placed on the tax rolls. While many of the CON properties are simple rights-of-way for roads, equipment, etc., there are many buildings, vacant lots and tracts of land of no conceivable use for the public business. OneBoard supporters believe the CON should own no property other than that required to conduct its daily operations. The first 2 document files are the 2016 and 2017 property lists furnished by the CON in response to our PPR. The other document files are individual CON properties.

Contact OneBoard at if you have information of community interest about City of Natchez public properties.