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Plans and Studies

For context, it is recommended that readers consider population numbers for the various decades compared to the 2017 estimated (and declining) populations for Natchez and Adams County:
Population (1950): Natchez 22,740; Adams County 32,256
Population (1960): Natchez 23,791; Adams County 37,730
Population (1970): Natchez 19,704; Adams County 37,293
Population (2000): Natchez 18,459; Adams County 34,339
Population (2017): Natchez 14,866; Adams County 31,003

Repository includes a number of plans and studies beginning with the 1951 Natchez Master Plan, followed by a 1953 review of the area economic resources. In the 1960s, there was a comprehensive report of the public schools and a downtown development plan. There are reports from the 1970s are about population and economics, a metropolitan plan, and Natchez-Adams County consolidation. In 1999, a comprehensive planning and development for Natchez was adopted.


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